2020 Audition Events

Before you can audition, you’ll need to purchase the correct Audition Packet for your section.  Those are available online by clicking this link.

Register for our audition events now.   The 3-day audition camps in November and December are where membership contracts are typically awarded.  The 1-day events in our outside locations are a great way to get key instruction, get to know our staff, and increase your chances of earning a spot.  Most often these can lead to call-backs at our January or later camps.

3-Day Audition Camps:  $200.  $25 “early” discount if you register before October 1st.

1-Day Audition Events:  $100.  $10 “early” discount if you register before October 1st.

Returning Spirit of Atlanta members receive a $100 discount on the price of Audition Camps

Nov 22-24 | Atlanta (All sections)

Dec 1 | Pittsburgh (Guard only)

Dec 6-8 | Atlanta (Brass, Percussion, Conductors)

Dec 14 | Dallas & Nashville (Brass, Percussion, Guard)

November 3-Day Audition Camp

Pittsburgh 1-Day Event (Guard)

December 3-Day Audition Camp

Dallas 1-Day Event (Brass,Percussion, Guard)

Nashville 1-Day Event (Brass,Percussion, Guard)